Is there any female in anime you wouldn't smash?

Is there any female in anime you wouldn't smash?

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yes that bimbo with those balloon shitits


The girl from WataMote


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Extremely gay

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How can you ruin such a godlike tummy with those ugly disproportionate tits..

Any woman under 16 or over 60

All of them I just like anime boys

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The one you posted, I'm not into obesity.

yeah right

I dont find cartoons sexy bro

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Boku no Pico

Can someone post the webm where she beats up a guy with her boobs?

what a stupid face. god, white people are ugly.

the OP webm is so shit, she actually looks hot as hell in comparison.


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Minori > Aki

why are you gay?

Nice femboy

non virgin putas

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He said women user, not little girls. I imagine anyone with a functioning brain avoids under 18s.

made for bwc

Not me and my brain is perfectly normal

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