Is this entire anime just a ploy to get me to ride a super cub?

Is this entire anime just a ploy to get me to ride a super cub?

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unironically, yes


It wasn't even subtle.

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What did you think was its intended purpose?

Entertainment? What is the intended purpose of Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, TPN, or Girls Bravo? Anime is to entertain

You too can save a girl drowning in a freezing river with the newest Super Cub.

It's to sell manga you fucking retard

I'm not gonna buy a motorcycle that cute girls ride it, seems like a bad marketing strategy

And what is the intended purpose of manga?

You are missing out

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>tfw reading GuP: RW around the same time I watched Super Cub
>Shizuka and her horse show up riding a Super Cub
>whole thing reads out like a Honda ad
You really DO meet the nicest anime girls on a honda

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>buy my shitty chink rip-off

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>Japanese anime shamelessly promoting Japanese products
yea, probably

The fucking Super Cub she buys in the anime was like sub $100. If they were that cheap here I would have bought one after watching the first two episodes.

Vespa bros, please stay in the designated FLCL thread.
Thank you

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Yes. Now do it

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To get you addicted.

>bought a car
>its a Toyota
Anime girls met: 0
Can confirm

>"With a Super Cub, you can go anywhere you want" she said to herself, out loud.

>anime is literally named after a product line
>is this an ad?