Does Any Forums remember act-age? It was a really good manga slated to get an anime and TV drama

does Any Forums remember act-age? It was a really good manga slated to get an anime and TV drama

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Act-Age ran so Oshi No Ko can trip and fall over the first hurdle

I liked the galactic train arc, but then they added the faggot looking character and I dropped it

I don't want to remember.

>We dont live in in the timeline where Matsuki never bought a bike and we got a anime by Kyoto animation with 22 eoisodes

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All because the author couldn’t stop being a bicycle freak touching peoples butts, at least he wasn’t a serial bicycle seat sniffer

As a proud gatekeeper, I am happy animefags won't ruin another series I like, even if it died prematurely

Where has my Any Forums gone?

You're the one who doesn't belong.

I wonder how his head was working. Did he really think he could touch teenage girls' asses on the street every day and nothing would happen to him?

I stopped reading after the train arc because if I read anymore I know by the end I will feel crushed it never finished

It's all fun and games until you're the one getting your cock and balls groped by a drunk salaryman

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"With a bicycle, you can grope anywhere you want" he said to himself, out loud.

>he missed out on la furiosa
You can stop at the afterparty, it's a decent enough ending. Just pretend that afterwards she goes on to make more friends and grow into a critically acclaimed actress renowned worldwide.

Chests, he groped their chests.

>Tatsuya Matsuki (29) Suspected of forcibly touching the chest of a junior high school girl while overtaking on a bicycle on the streets of Nakano Ward

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Fuck you.

Fuck you, let it rest in peace.

Good riddance. All these pedophiles need to be cancelled and rounded up. The police should choose one single day to mobilize everyone and round up these degenerates. I can hear the crying from MiA faggots already.

He should have just hired a prostitute instead of doing something so fucking stupid.

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