What kind of villain is your favorite?

What kind of villain is your favorite?

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the ones who are right

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why is light there?

Pure evil types >>>

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Light is the poster boy of "villain protagonist" even if he's right sometimes.

christ, who drew that shit

Villains that risk life and limb for their loved ones. Basically villains that are driven by love or heart. Villains that have the same motivations that the protagonists of countless other stories had that bested antagonists stronger and smarter than themselves.

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Literally me

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Villains user. Not good guys who lost.

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goofy turbo-jobbers

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They're all pretty good to me, but prideful ones are the best

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Villains with good, or at least noble, intentions. Bonus points if they also get along with the protagonists and only oppose them due to differences in beliefs.

The ones who did nothing wrong

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incomprehensible monsters or manifestations of animalistic brutality.


irrelevant jobber
barely a character
same as above
not even a villain

>irrelevant jobber
Literally the most important character in Yorkshin after Kurapika and Chrollo.
>barely a character
Already a central player in the Succession War. Shit is about to go down because of her.
>same as above
You're not even trying.
>not even a villain

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The ones who had better logic than the mc

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Sorry chud, just because he gassed jews doesn't mean he did anything else right

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lol at this bisho Hitler

how is pariston a villain you stupid fuck speedreader. hes just a shitposter

I know this is a edit (I think) but god I hate what’s become of that manga

Muzan is pretty funny on a second read (I still like Koku more tho)