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Requesting Jolyne femdom with her using Stone Free to keep the guy restrained.

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Requesting Trish Una as a sexy mermaid

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Requesting Megadeth's poster (on the upper left corner) with K-Ons. Yui on the place of an alien(number 1, she was supposed to pretend to be asleep, but has one eye open), Mio(2) holding the green gem, three other girls sitting on the back. All in suits and with serious look. Instead of "Megadeth" sign and album name, "Ho-kago Tea Time" and under that the same name but in Japanese with smaller font size(if possible), same font as the original.

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Requesting Pirz trying to figure out how to get around ip range blocks. Thanks a lot, wojak spammers.

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Requesting pic related with Pitou.

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Requesting Tsubomi Hanasaki accidentally buying a bikini that is way too small for her and realizing it too late as she wears it to the beach hoping it doesn't attract glances (it does)

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Requesting Mirio and Eri getting married.

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Requesting this Aussie lass offering a hug

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Requesting Chisato bleeding and topless on a stretcher after being severely wounded on a mission in a way similar to this scene files.catbox.moe/u2r12b.jpg

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requesting a mildly disgusted konata jerking a guy off using her chocolate cornet as a makeshift onahole, saying something like "i don't think i'm hungry anymore..."

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Requesting Otae from Gintama bound with a cloth gag tied over her mouth, hopping like in pic related.

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Anchoring Kuro naizuri

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Requesting Filo clinging to Naofumi from behind and giving him a footjob: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2040395
Could also be while Naofumi is standing. Have Filo rest her head on his shoulder with a lovingly horny expression while Naofumi is in bliss.

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Requesting this image with this characters


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Requesting Iori raising her skirt (wearing whatever) and revealing a shining diamond butt plug

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Requesting Constanze piloting a Zaku

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Requesting stone age version of an older Nobita, Gian, and Suneo from Doraemon (or their caveman counterparts). All are over 18 years old, average male bodies for Nobita and Suneo, and a muscular and chubby body for Gian, and all three wearing just cavemen loincloths. Keep it SFW please.

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Requesting Jellymon unveiling an Ed, Edd, and Eddy brand scam made of cheap junk

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