There are "people" on this board RIGHT NOW who unironically watch dubbed anime

>There are "people" on this board RIGHT NOW who unironically watch dubbed anime

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I watch anime dubbed in Japanese, yes. Do you think the characters themselves are the ones speaking or something?

they do in the manga

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I do what I want and you can't stop me

It's a well known fact that I can't read.

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Fair enough, but that doesn't stop me from calling you a subhuman mutt

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I want to marry and impregnate Mitsuki

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I watch dubs because you are supposed to watch the thing, not stare at the text at bottom of the screen.

Slow reader
bet that took you a few seconds to understand

Easiest way to binge things I've missed through the years. Unless it's truly, egregiously bad I can handle a dub. Most dubs for anything popular are decent enough to not ruin the experience even if I know it's objectively inferior. Years down the line no one will ever know that I watched it dubbed, because I usually have the subs for the Japanese audio on as well. Rarely have I ever experienced a disparity in opinion occurring because of a dub.

Your bitch ass better have dyslexia

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Yeah sometimes its fun to watch it dubbed... in Spanish

Some anime are better dubbed:

Yeah I watch anime when I work, I do need to look at my work computer now and again. So I need to be able to understand it when looking away.

stop shilling your shit


Mitsuki is a goddess.

What stops you?

Ghost Stories

Yes? Who else would be speaking?

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As a Japanese man, I watch anime dubbed in English. The language is exotic and sounds more accurate and fluid than Japanese voice actors. English sounds lot better to me. Japanese VAs are low quality stuff.