Hyakka ryouran

Had 2 seasons of non-stop coombaiting, only 126 image search results on rule 34. Why did it flop so hard?

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>Had 2 seasons of non-stop coombaitin
You can't make such a bold claim wothour proof, OP.

>Introduce cool samurai girl premise
>Lol JK we maids now
and you want ask why?


>You can't make such a bold claim wothour proof, OP.

they do show nudity, fucking christ i had the urge to always jack off whenever matabeis ass gets shown.

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Why do they have cockroach hair?

It was kind of boring. The monogatari-ish style of making the environment obfuscated and not showing anything but the main characters didn't work for it. The mc was lame too

They're Turkish so they have antenna

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it was the style at the time

The art style is so good

All the blots of ink censoring stuff.


the second season was kind of bad

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>Tfw no Sen waifu
The series had some nice figurines at least, but it felt like an odd inbetween with things like Ikkitousen and Senran around.

Kill yourself, election tourist.

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The ink blot censorship was simply too stylish. Otaku failed to aesthetically appreciate it. But I could, very much so.

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1st season 2010, 2nd season 2013. I just dont understand anime at all I heard if a series is popular enough it would get a 2nd season so this sort of contradicts what your saying OP.. But of course I would ban two of those seasons from being released if it allowed a 2nd season of Manyuu Hikenchou to be released.

1st season was fantastic
2nd season was fucking terrible (I dropped it at the monkey)
3rd season was sort of a return to season 1, but ultimately it was garbage.

there was a 3rd season?

Because the male voice actor also voiced Makoto from School Days