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Which characters will be black?

My guess

>Asian Guts
>Latinx Casca
>white Griffith
>black king and princess


>Hey you know what would work well on a tv budged? Armies and monsters.

This is what Miura would've wanted.


Who the fuck sold it to them as soon as he was dead? His family?

I'm curious to see what a live action eclipse would look like.

It's about streaming, is it clang or the movies or put your grasses on

I'm sick of this fake crap circulating every few months

This is just for streaming the anime, not to make a live action adaptation. Stop posting bullshit.

Here’s your Guts bro. Idris Elba as Griffith, some afro sheboon as Casca

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worked for GoT.
not that I have faith in netflix, but they did fund Arcane very well.
At least you can't do any worse than CLANG even if you print paper cutouts and mimic dialogue by tapping on your belly.

Is that why they waited untill he died to make it?

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Berserkfags really overestimate the quality of their garbage lol.

Story by Miura

bait, no one above even read the article. hxh or some shit is getting an adaptation, berserk and others are simply going to be available to stream.

Too old for guts. He’s meant to be 16 to 20 so far

Evil Dead ripoff

Are they going to finish it? Did the original author left enough notes so we can have at least an idea on how the series was supposed to end?

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>Mori related how he had visited Miura nearly 30 years ago when the latter was drawing "the Eclipse" event of Berserk and how his friend completed the storyline for the manga up to its last chapter that week. Mori explained that the story for Berserk had since gone on "exactly as we discussed at the time, with almost no changes."[70] As the only person who knows the ending Miura intended, Mori agreed to continue the series and promised, "I will only write the episodes that Miura talked to me about. I will not flesh it out. I will not write episodes that I don't remember clearly. I will only write the lines and stories that Miura described to me."
basically this new guy will write whatever he wants to write and say it's what the original author told him but there's no way for you to know

So it's like the Dune thing. "just trust me bro". But the japanese has high ethical and moral standards, so I think he may not be lying. It's hard to believe he remembers a story told to him like 30 years ago.

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>Miura died only a year ago and they're already raping his corpse
Just end this world already