What was Oda thinking

What was Oda thinking

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he wasn't


Franky's entire thing is honestly even more disturbing than regular cybernetics, I don't even know what the fuck he's doing to himself, like is that fake skin? what the fuck man, what does a photorealistic version of this guy even look like, one piece is way too fucking looney tunes man it's freaking me out

I am not a huge fan of franky's (or chopper's) timeskip designs but i actually do like that they are all boldly different, it makes it feel like they really were off for 2 years doing their own shit and youre just now seeing them again.

>turn one of your important crew members into merchandise bait
Oda seriously why

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"Retards will keep reading anyway"

Less would have been more
Frankly doesn’t even feel like frankly he feels like a vacuum cleaner that gained sentience and is roaming with the crew as opposed to pre ts franky who just felt so real


Sadly the truth
And wano sales will reinforce this.
Get ready for the most off the rail, schizophrenic, chickenscratch, audience-cucking ending possible.
Wish I could get off this bullshit sunken cost fallacy ride

You are who that guy is talking about

Timeskip killed One Piece

Don't be mad fatso, he just lost weight.

I haven't spent a cent on this franchise, why would Oda care about people like me who pirate his stuff?

If you havent spent a cent on it then it should be easy for you to stop reading if you dont like it

toy sales

Honestly none of the the post-timeskip designs are an impovement over the originals. They all look tacky and slapped together, and Yes Franky got the worst of it. Brook and Sanji are lucky they barely got touched, although I also have to say it's lame that chopper didn't grow at all and just got a dumb hat. Doomed to be merchbait forever, I wish he'd grown up into his protodesign.

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>just fuck my shit up

By your logic One Piece has been a shambling corpse for longer than it was alive
That's just silly user

that's exactly the point

>robin, 30
>nami, 20
>carrot, 15
oda was just busy creating the perfect combination

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all the default post-timeskip outfits are crap, but later arcs have better outfits at least

I think him growing up too much to look like that would be weird, but I think what they did with him, making him essentially a marketable plush toy was probably worse. I wish he just stayed similar to his original appearance but grew a little bit more fur or longer horns and a bit taller.

My audience of Mexicans and small children will love it if I make my characters and garish and flamboyant as possible.

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I think the new reindeer form looks better, but the rest can go die.