WSJ ToC 2022 No. 40

1 ・ Jujutsu Kaisen ・ CHAPTER 190: TOKYO NO. 2 COLONY, PART 9
2 ・ Akane-banashi ・ STORY 21: HIKARU'S RAKUGO
3 ・ Me & Roboco ・ Chapter 96: The Amusement Park & Roboco 2
>Black Clover was on break 8 issues ago
5 ・ Mission: Yozakura Family ・ MISSION 137: APOLOGY VIDEO
6 ・ The Elusive Samurai ・ CHAPTER 70: NAMING 1335
7 ・ Mashle: Magic and Muscles ・ CHAPTER 115: FINN AMES AND THE TWIN GATE GUARDS
>My Hero Academia was on break 8 issues ago
9 ・ Super Smartphone ・ Chapter 10: Moura on the First Day
10 ・ Aliens Area ・ NO.6 GNAW GNAW
11 ・ Earthchild ・ DISCLOSURE 20 The Star-Bringing Night

Weekly Shonen Jump Table of Contents
Oniyomeden (Cover and LCP)
Jujutsu Kaisen
Akane Banashi
Highschool Family (CP)
Me and Roboco
Black Clover
Blue Box (CP)
Mission: Yozakura Family
The Elusive Samurai
My Hero Academia
Super Smartphone
Aliens Area
Earthchild (End)

Shounen Jump Issue 42
Cover and LCP: Ginga to Ryuuna
Oniyomeden (chapter 2, 25 pages)
Akane Banashi (new developments)
Mission: Yozakura Family (Sibling Search Arc)

My Hero Academia on break next issue

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>Earthchild (End)

>MHA ranking
What MASSACRED the hype?

isn't this fake?

Earth Child finally free'd up a slot, hope that new adventure manga does something god damn. Jump needs fucking adventure titles.

>Color page
We're spoiled now, UUbros.

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So how have MHAfags been coping with the low rank for hours now?

Your arrogance will be embarassing when the real TOC comes out and MHA is on top.

ruri please come back

Like this in infinite repeat.

ruri was so good they already reincarnated her in the new serialization
oniyomeden will get the axe once the rightful queen returns

I beginning to be concerned with Ruri's return at all. At first I thought it was just bad luck and the mangaka got sick. It happens, after all. But there's no sign of him coming back at all. Hopefully he's working and just making a few chapters as a backlog before being published again.

>My Hero Academia was on break 8 issues ago

Probably late submission, but it really doesn't matter, ranking when there was a break eight weeks ago doesn't matter.

The fact that nobody can explain its ranking is proof enough

>My Hero Academia was on break 8 issues ago

Yes and? They still could had put it on the top like always or in the middle at least.

Bakugo surviving
There are genuinely no consequences in the plot so it kinda kills what curiosity people had for later chapters


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No i'm not a MHAfag but I'm curious as to which leaker this came from.

This rank can be for anything except that.
This TOC was probably already decided before last chapter came out.

Your dumbass realize this ranking is from 8 weeks ago right?

>My Hero Academia was on break 8 issues ago

They're newfags.

Where's Doron?

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Here how it probably went.
>Hori submitted last chapter late because he's dying.
>Decides to take a break the next issue.
>Late submissions are low in the TOC

Basically. The same shit happened to BC too...though that chapter just so happens to also be shit

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