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What will this show be remembered for most fondly?

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For sexy children, namely Anko and Choi.

Best girl

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Probably just that one Anko bikini pic


Shiori is a miracle of the universe.

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The brown girl's butt in the public bath.

>cutest kyoani boy stuck in their most mediocre series
it's not fair

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i dont think im following, please continue in detail


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Literally nothing. This has to be most forgettable Kyoani show, but that side-girl (M)Anko has my favorite doujin ever so there's something.

the brown qt, I forget her name

Stop talking about Anko's lewd Manko!

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probably the OP

Why does Kyoani have such an obsessive hatred for homosexuals?

Choco Choi

but one of their biggest shows is dragon maid
i havent watched it but isnt free gay as hell or is that just shippers


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Who is this K-On?