Isekai Oji-san

Happy elf.

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MC is too old and ugly. I can't self insert

user... look at the mirror...

MC is too young and handsome. I can't self insert

not all of us look bad user

Alicia have zero chances of getting him.

I all those years I self inserted as a protagonist but all along I ended up being ojisan

he's elf's, it's already been decided

>waiting for fansubs
what a time to live in, anons

It really do be like that sometimes fuck tractors

did moonland get an ep this week or are we getting production issues *again*? I don't see raws up either.

they did get an ep

do incels really??

Why did they make Sawa so sexy in the anime?

What is her problem?

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Too much Tsun

being an elf

you're supposed to self-insert as one of the girls

Sexually frustrated

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Isekai is literally the genera most popular due to self inserting

have you tried going outside and 'self-inserting' into a woman yet?