Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 26

With the return of the anime this october, it's a good idea to always have the whole work somewhat fresh in your mind going into the ending arc, and to that end I will storytime the manga (alonside some extras) until the end of fullbring, and then point out things in the adaption as it is happening, to form a better informed view of the manga, for me and (You).
Now let's start volume 26: The Mascaron Drive
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Momo is here to welcome you all to another storytime, because she's just such a lovely girl

Feel blessed

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>No simulcast
>IchiRuki didn't happen
>Final arc is full of transphobic and bigoted scenes
>Burn the Witch flopped
>Nobody considers it part of the big three anymore
Bleach is dead, it will never be as popular as it once was. This is a dead franchise.

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Kill yourself, spammer.

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>>Final arc is full of transphobic and bigoted scenes
Besides Gigi, what other bigotry is there?


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Into the trash she goes

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>still not posting the colored manga
Kill yourself

hanataro is gay

>when Aizen-sama told you to clean your bowels for tonight

>liking the colored manga
Kill yourself

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>liking things that are good
Yes. You mad?

aw man it's Ice The Kid

This arc is such a bore, Fullbring kino when?

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>Fullbring kino
You contrarians are still at it?

Bleach was drawn in black and white and it's meant to be enjoyed that way. Non-Kubo colorings miss the point completely.

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Wow it looks like she got impaled or something

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Damn. She's really in a bad shape. This is what happens when you're not having Aizen's cum inside you for this long.

There was never another opinion

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You're the only person who bitches about this. Probably means you have shit taste.

>Bleach was drawn in black and white
I don't give a fuck.
>and it's meant to be enjoyed that way
Bullshit. Manga is in black & white because color is too expensive. Kubo had no choice in the matter, faggot.
>Non-Kubo colorings miss the point completely
The point was it was a limitation.

you mean besides all the nazi imagery?

>This is fine.jpg

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Fullbring arc was widely hated by most of the fanbase.

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Limitations breed creativity you fucking mongoloid. Kubo adapted to make the black and white work for him. Adding color ruins authorial intent. Kill yourself, you buttfucked retard.

It's all Aizen's fault and he deserves to burn for this

Because this storytimes are dead. Most are waiting for the (colored) anime.

Why did Old Man Genocide even let her do this despite making Nanao piss her pants last arc?

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The nazis are the bad guys though

Aizenbros?? Momo is a kid..? She lied about her age to us???

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What are you talking about? Fullbring arc always has been regarded as the best Bleach arc ever and a fitting conclusion for the anime.