Why do boys like bad girls?

Why do boys like bad girls?

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Good sex

They just like whatever they can get.

Cold fish cope

>They just like whatever they can get

because bad girls are fun and adventurous and can be a challenge
tradcuck bitches and nerdy cunts are just fucking worthless and boring
also the sex is amazing
try it bef-
oh wait I forgot this was 4chin and 90% of the retards in here have never touched a girl in their life, let alone had a girlfriend

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>fun and adventurous
Lol, I wish. The main challenge is escaping their grasp.

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>nerdy cunts are just fucking worthless and boring
I like nerdy women because I'm under the (false) pretense they like nerdy guys back

Young boys are horny. Also women can't rape

You're retarded and they can.

give it to me straight sisters, is she used goods?

You need a penis to rape

No, Roastie, That's now these things work.

Nazuna isn't bad, she just puts up a front

No she's a 40 year old dorkpire who only has sucked blood and gets embarrassed even hearing the word "love"

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I thought I grew out of this, but I NEED a manic pixie vampire girl to hang out with me when I'm up all night, fuck.

Go to raves, user

He may be a britbong like me whereas it is in our law that you need a penis to rape.
Not that I agree with such.

It still remains true that what made Kou attracted to her is her wild character (manic pixie dream girl and all that).

they put out

That is a very big tiny Nazuna

Getting to fuck is easier, also it feels good.