Sailor Moon

What are your favourite seasons? Episodes? Characters?

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1. Stars
2. The ones with Sailor Iron Mouse
3. Sailor Iron Mouse

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Same but with Lead Crow instead

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90's anime: first one with S as close second, Manga one is Stars.
All the first season ones, the Ayakashi arc in R, majority of S(except for the Chibiusa ones before the talismans), the final episodes of SuperS and Nehellenia's return in Stars
90's anime: Usagi(when not dumb as a brick), Rei, Minako and Tadano's Mamrou(just because he is hot) Manga one are Chibiusa, Minako, Galaxia and sometimes Usagi

Studio Deen listing Cosmos on their site before Toei(the same happened with Eternal) shows how littlr the former cares about the franchise
Here is a translation of the plot they wrote for it
Early summer 2023. The final battle of the Sailor Senshi begins.
The final chapter of the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon series, the "Shadow Galactica Arc". A new enemy, the Shadow Galactica, appears. One after another, their friends are targeted, and Sailor Moon and her friends throw themselves into battle once again.
Facing the strongest enemy of all, they are almost beaten down by loneliness, but they still look up and move forward.
This is the final story of the strong and beautiful Sailor Senshi, who face up to their self-imposed mission while struggling with the question of what they are fighting for.

The one where Chibiusa is trying to make a friend and runs into that Shin-chan parody who flashes his penis at her.
Hotaru, Minako

I tried reading this manga the other day and the paneling was so fucked up
Should I watch it instead? Isn’t it 99% filler?

There's a list that lets you know which episodes are filler so you can skip them:

It is but without it the show just feels plain

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It was all downhill after season 1. Though 4 was a slight uptick.

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Probably S.
The one where Minako donates all her blood to prove she's pure of heart, funniest episode for me.

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The one where they go skiing. And Usagi and Rei actually talk about the whole Mamoru thing and how they were both into him and it showed that Usagi actually cared that she might have hurt her friend in some way. It was just a nice moment that really showcased their friendship, and put a pin on the whole semi love triangle in a way that gave closure to every person involved.


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>love goddess
>still thinking she's pure after doing hundreds of men, maybe more


I like the first season overall, though my favorite episodes overall are all from R season. Nurse Venus and the one where Makoto tries to use her culinary skills to woo over one of the alien siblings.

She literally does have a pure heart tho

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>mars in a one piece
I'm part of the small group of people who prefers one piece swimsuits over 2 so seeing this on my favorite girl pleases me greatly.

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only in her mind

1 piece is definitely more sexier