I just want to understand

I just want to understand.

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Why what? Why did Eren behave the exact same way he had for ~70% of the manga?
That scene was totally in character for him.



>Ten years, at least!
Always gets a chuckle out of me

Hang yourself snkekspamming titanfolk immigrant.

He went completely fucking ballistic at Zeke's suggestion of pushing their problems to the next generations during that military meeting, which years later prompted him to go rogue to enact his own master plan: pushing their problems to the next generations. Their kids and grandkids couldn't deal with it and Paradis got glassed. Isayama hid Eren's POV for over 2 years only to have him achieve exactly what Zeke's plan would have, with the added bonus he also killed millions of innocents along the way. And THAT is the funniest part of snk. 3/10 wits.

Isayama tells you he's a bluffing weak MC in 2014
And tells you he's a psycho in 2017 and the ending would be Guardians of the Galaxy. You were warned yet you chose to believe your headcanon.

>capeshit analogy

Mikasa’s tight pussy is too good

I searched yt for the final chapter reactions, most of them were deleted i assume because of copyright strikes, anyway the arguments presented by the headcanoned kekren yeagerkeks were hilariously bad.

Aot is also capeshit

>youtube reactions
Kill yourself

For the final chapter because i saw that pic posted here, i wante to verify it.

Why are you quoting your own week old post?

>historia with ymir 24/7 and no memories
>dude paths letter LMAOXD

truly amazing that isayama dropped off the face of the earth after 139.

I just want to understand why don't you lunatics read another manga?

Why are you saying that as if somehow better? Kill yourself.

>genocidefags STILL seething
always makes me laugh

>Paradis got glassed
Only Shiganshina did

I read KOTA and am excited for CSM anime, making or posting in a bread once a week doesn't take much time, user.

It's a 11 years old series, there are poor bastards for which this was their first and formative manga.

You're trying way too hard to fit in.

>ending would be Guardians of the Galaxy
>eren doesn't have dance off
>mikasa doesn't have a dance off
>armin doesn't have a dance off
maybe isayama meant the 2nd one but I don't know how that ended

they don't read they speed read a manga then spend the entire time making theories and headcanons.
The only one i can think of now is OP but its too long for them to catch up anyway.

Genocide won. 80% of the population is still a genocide. Armin and everyone else thanked Eren for doing it.

I want to be raped by Mikasa.

Can anything even possibly top this amount of seethe?

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True. If they read the manga they would've predicted this like the majority of Any Forums did.

I dread the day Any Forums will stop calling out a fag for forming his opinion on youtube reactions

the ackerman genes were logical the key to solving the titan problem
eren and zeke would both agree to changing every eldian DNA to ackerman DNA, blocking any usage of titan powers (aside from ackerhax)
you do get the threat of possible superhumans and a war among the normal humans and super eldians - similar to the Eugenics Wars in Star Trek

Plebbit migrants

>things that never happened

I want you SNKeks out of CSM threads.

>I'll pretend it didn't happen