Would you want to have multiple wives in your isekai life?

Would you want to have multiple wives in your isekai life?

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Yes but I need to have some reason to think it wouldn't all go to shit, otherwise it's a big gamble.

>All these girls and not one of them is a demihuman beastgirl

I don't know why any isekai harem would ever have more than a small part of them human. Part of the reason for a large one should be more variety.

You mean like, in 30 years, when the humans have visible signs of aging, while the non-humans look as fresh and pretty as ever?
Is that the kind of variety you want?

Marriage is a funny old thing.

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>his humans don't cultivate

>thinks cultivators are human

Only if I’m rich

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Yes, multiple loli beastkin slave wives.

Not really.

Harems just don't work in reality, unless you do like Arabs and practically hold them hostage under threats of violence, financial and legal trouble and disregard how they'd be happy to stick a dagger between your ribs if only they could get away with it

sometimes i stop laughing at the westoid experience and start pitying them

Raw dolphin porn cute and funny Kycilia isekai if anyone wants it

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The west does isekai better then asians and it will never not be funny for me to remember that.

no not really, i'm more of a mono guy

Wives are like monitors.
Most people will be happy with one.
Some people can actually master 2.
But anyone who has more than 5, is just doing it for bragging rights.

Post sexo

His number of wives are still increasing

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>one inch peepee hero isekai
And which LN do YOU trick people you hate into reading?

As based as this is, some of them aren't necessary to the harem.

>Would you want to have multiple wives in your isekai life?
If its god's will.

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