We want the autist tombouy lover audience

>we want the autist tombouy lover audience

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Who is Tombouy?

Still testing the AI on mikasa

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Pretty sure serious Mikasafags are self-inserting loser women more than anything.

Tomboys are cute
Mankasa is not

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Kill yourself snktard

stop lying

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And now some image to image test on tomboykasa

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and what's wrong with that
hilarious if true

witkasa > mappakasa

Mappakasa is pretty cute in part 2. Pissufags have to cope with edited screenshots.

Her height has to be edited in part 2, it's terrible and insulting that she is so tall

which shingeki?

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Shut up

sasha because best sandals

Of course mikasa has huge feet

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Season 1
>Starts out as mary sue, gets much better
Season 2
>Ereh! (Confession was nice though)
Season 3
Season 3 part 2
Final season
>Ereh... Ereh...?
Final season part 2
>Armin, look, I understand you're having a breakdown but I really wanna find my scarf. Louise... okay, listen we've all got problems; my scarf is missing.
Final season part 3
>Muack muack shlrp

Truly she is the greatest female character of our time.

>Armin, look, I understand you're having a breakdown but I really wanna find my scarf
Mikasa was right in that scene, Eren was god, the only thing that mattered was him, armin worrying about other people is getting sidetracked.

What’s with this big feet mikasa meme? I don’t get it