Cute girl with glasses

>cute girl with glasses
>She randomly never wears glasses again

How do I make it stop?

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Well well well. If it isn't patient zero.

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>cute girl with glasses
shes only cute in kizu, where she always wears them

destroy the contact lens factory

This shit pisses me off so much

Nisio has horrible taste, what's new?

The more realistic thing would be if there was a girl without glasses and she gets a prescription.

they downgraded her even more with those dumb stripes and short hair

pic related being the obvious exception

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Why are you attracted to bad eyesight?

>Monkey actually looks better with short hair
>she grows out her hair

>>She randomly never wears glasses again
Animators had a hard time and asked the authors to give them a break.

came to post this

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As soon as she stopped wearing them and cut those ugly braids she finally became kinda attractive. Before that she was easily the ugliest girl in the whole cast.

>cute girl with glasses
>she's also got giant tits

It keeps happening bros.

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But the moral of the story was that she deserved to be beaten and raped for being too attractive

please tell me that Araragi fucks her at some point later in the novel.

She is such pure sex, how did they do it?

Sadly not the case, but the novels are still worth reading yourself.

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The latest outrage.

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Its over glassesbros