100 kanojo / 100 girlfriends 109 Raw

This should be safe, maybe. I can't dump right now, if someone would like to.


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Fun chapter.

God Nozawa become so horny in her quarantine.

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Ahko, my beloved.


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>She's going to show them her powerlevel


>are you a person that came from Kaiji's world
Second(?) Kaiji reference

So I'm guessing the joke of the chapter is that Rentarou has created a "Don't worry, it's not alcoholic" disclaimer.

They could all use a drug that has the same effects mixed in but is completely not alcoholic.

So this means there is a chance of having a color topless hakari when is her turn?

Everyone should get a color topless image. Long hair to cover where nipples would be shouldn't be required.

Another break? Seeing 9/15 there....