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How would you describe the relationship of these two characters?

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Marriage without the ceremony

Big sister and little brother

Completely platonic

They're equal.
Say what you want about Ainu cunny or lack thereof, but that, at least, is absolutely wrong.



Sugimoto was made for SAC
Small Ainu Cunny

Sugimoto is used good and transforms into a commie sometimes, Asirpa deserves a better husbando.

>Sugimoto is used good and transforms into a commie sometimes
Stop bullying one of the missing brain buddies.

why does this shit have so much gay pandering when it could have easily gone for this cute relationship

Because Noda worships the strong hairy male figure. He's married btw.


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Because men are naturally cuter than women and Noda is into male landwhales and not lolis.

hinna hinna

I always thought that the side characters were the strong point of this series. Sugimoto isn't bad but even some of the convicts were more interesting or funny than him and I never cared about his infatuation with whatever woman he is currently simping for which seemed to be all this character and goals ever were about. Asirpa is a good though and I liked that she was seriously written character and not another waifu bait or tsundere or some shit.

Cute and funny, in the most literal way possible.

Sidekicks of best boy

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She groomed him good.

why do women love that cat bastard?