Chainsaw Man

Why is the art so bad?

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CSM always had shitty, wobbly art

fujos are thriving

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Is this some kind of apocalyptic story? The art is so dim and depressing.

better than Hiatus x Hiatus at least

No, quite the opposite actually. The author just has this style where his characters look like mannequins and lifeless bodies

It's not. Denji just has an extra line under his lips now which he didn't have before. It makes him look weird.

>It's not
Look at the fingers and faces. It looks like there are bunch of random lines everywhere without much thought put into them

>mannequin retard is literally obsessed with Fujimoto

>can't debunk it
CSM has shit art, deal with it

k, keep obsessing over him then

>2 weeks for 25 pages.
>Half of it uses the same panels.

Unironically Fuji is doing it for the money. He doesn't hate CSM, but he for sure wanted to end it and the rise in popularity FORCED with him to make a part 2, and the guy is winning it with dribble that zoomers will eat and call kino.

Obviously. by the time it got mega big (i think it was around vol 6 or 7) the endgame had already been set up so it was hard to artificially prolong the story. so they made the next best marketing strategy by adding a second part out of nowhere

It isn't. It's just the artstyle.

just because every new author has become lazy by resorting to these scribbly tier art, doesnt mean it's intentional

The facial expressions don't convey what the characters are feeling and the bodies are stiff, in almost unnatural poses.
It's always been like this.
If the manga is out every 2 weeks from now on, I hope there will be improvements.

>vol 6 or 7
is that during the gun devil vs makima fight?

>2 weeks for 25 pages
what's wrong with this?

Does it need improvements though? I thought shit art was like Fujimotos trademark at this point.

You're thinking of Isayama