The Chainsaw Devil has reality warping powers just because it does

>The Chainsaw Devil has reality warping powers just because it does

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manga fans when they realize that their fictional story contains fiction

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come on OP, it's blatantly symbolic of how people don't remember the individual deaths that occur from mass killings

Name one of his victims

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You could realy feel that all energy and was sucked out from fujimoto when he was writing these last few chapters

People fear chainsaws more than anything on earth.

what if it's because he's secretly the famine devil

the faggot in the wheelchair

>he expected the MC in a shonen to be not le special with hax powers
oh silly user, you fell for the "CSM is not like the others" meme

it's not hax powers, it's textbook symbolism and it is done better than western comics

>muh symbolism
my favorite cope lol

no one fucking cares about western comics
He said he wrote Hero of Hell's ability for p2. Since p2 is bi-weekly now, you will get the answer in 3 or 4 years.

>cockroach devil is huge and strong as fuck
What are some other mundane common fears that would be as strong?
Also, can't help but notice how there isn't a single black people in the mamga so far.
Did CSM has something to do with it?


>yeah let's just rip of ichibei's powers
is there anything this manga did without ripping off others?

I dont think fujimoto cares about consistency anymore. The cockroach devil neither looked like a cockrach nor should he have been this strong

A lot of people are afraid of cockroaches
The rat devil is probably even stronger because of the plague

>Do you remember what WSJ did to Act-Age?

Ichibei's abilities are Conceptual Manipulation, not Reality Warpiny, though.

The Cosmos Devil has access to all the accumulated knowledge in existence. The Future Devil can literally perceive the future.
Some Devils are just hack-and-slashers, some of them are profoundly meta and cosmic.

My question is; why is the Fox Devil so fricking powerful and bizarre? Are people really that afraid of foxes? Is it a cultural thing?

It should be more like reverence than fear in that case.

do you remember the victims of Chicago mass shootings by name? 'course you don't nigga

>"Do you remember the rape of Nanjing?"
>"Nope, doesn't ring a bell!"

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people fear furries

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based, sigma ready to post Any Forums infographics

Are they also afraid of foxes?

>trying to take real life shit into a fictional story that is based on an alternative world of ours

The fuck are you talking about. Fox was a jobber

Fox one-shot anything that wasn't a living weapon, who were nearly on par with the Four Horsemen.