Itt: God tier animation

itt: God tier animation

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I hate these fucking blocks.

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What a slut

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The running animation looks amazing. I don't care what Any Forums thinks, Yutaka Nakamura is a legend.

You have to give an example of your own first.

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Mappa did very well in adapting Gege's genius-tier battle choreography in the manga into animation form.

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Fuck that's kinda hot

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Now this is sakuga

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hand drawn btw

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The editing here is really good, don't know how to describe it. It has a snappy rhythm, or tempo or something to it.

>le high impact exploding blocks
>god tier animation

I don't like this, the animation has too few frames for all that motion, so it ends up looking choppy.

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The solo episode really stands out in regards to its storyboarding and animation.

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