Lycoris Recoil

What happens to Lycoris after they turn 18?

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His ass is in deep trouble, so there is no time to play games. I'm sure he knows it too and that is why he came clean with Chisato during his visit. Helping Chisato get a new heart will give him an upper hand in the mess he is in. I'm also guessing that he does not trust Alan, so he chose to defy them in favor of Chisato.

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Tick tock, yuricucks.

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They get married and have children.

Please adjust the skin tones next time so it will be perfect.

Kumiko x Reina can still happen next season. As long as it's anime original ending.

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>Chisato's birthday is September 23
>September 23 is Autumnal Equinox Day
>a day associated with visiting graves and paying respects to ancestors
>Her surname, Nishikigi, is associated with a famous legend involving death
>Lycoris flowers are associated with deaths and goodbyes
Is Chisato really doomed? Even her own birthday and surname are seemingly death flags.

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They stop being dykes and turn into cock thirsty slut. They can't do their job anymore in that condition.

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Transferred to other glow departments, sent to war zones, work for private entities, get yuri married, become underemployed spinsters like Mizuki, etc.

Are those colorful stuff magic or just screen effects?

A spectre is haunting /u/ - the spectre of Hibikek.

Chisato is 18

Watch majimabros complaining about yuri after making the epic majimaposts

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Chisato will marry Takina in episode 13 and all the Majimacucks will finally kill themselves.

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Majima breeds them.

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Loving the yuribait this season.

*real yuri

So this is the power of yuri that I heard of?

So this is the new meme, adding cut out heads to some scenes from other anime?
You are better than that Majimafags.
Now you have fallen lower than most desperate yurifags.

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Doing God's work, user

Why would there be a power of yuri in something that was clearly never yuri in the source material?

I wonder what's the original anime in that image and how is related to Majima and Chisato, get fucked /u/fag.

Sure, buddy.

Nice joke. Majimafags are the most delusional posters in all of Any Forums.

Oh no sisters, majimafags are getting the upper hand.

It won't matter who Chisato is shipped with because she'll be fucking dead.

There's nothing to support Majimacucks' delusions in LycoReco itself, so they turn to other anime for "proofs" of their "victory." Poor Majimacucks.

>using a scene from an unrelated anime to shitpost means getting the upper hand
Majimashitters falling further into their own delusions, I see.

You don't even have other anime for "proofs" since every yuribait anime ends like Hibike or just without anything to confirm yuri on it, get the fuck out of here /u/fag.

Yuri will win against the majima x chisato shippers

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>I'm also guessing that he does not trust Alan, so he chose to defy them in favor of Chisato.
Alan has been protecting and supporting him for a very long time yet he choose a girl he only talked once over his own well being. Chisato really bewitched him without realizing it.

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>a girl he only talked once
Hey, he ran her over as well.

Good thing this anime is real yuri and not yuribait then, Majimacuck.

>look at this Hibike screenshot MAJIMA AND CHISATO ARE GONNA BECOME A COUPLE

I don't get it

Nobody will ever get it because Majimacucks' delusions are retarded and never make sense.

Chisato will give birth to Majima's beautiful children and she will be a very lovely mom.

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>he choose a girl he only talked once over his own well being
Inb4 Alan wanted Chisato to kill him to awaken her killing whatchamacallit. There was no solid proof but that was what people believed.

If it doesn't end as Majima and Chisato being a canon couple will they consider themselves hetbaited or it doesn't count when its them?

Hibike is the only anime antiyurifags know.