Has an anime ever made you cry

Has an anime ever made you cry

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Crying is for faggots and women. Men don't cry.

I unironically did at that moment in both Gun- and Diebuster.

No, because I am not a little bitch.

Darling in the Franxx almost made me cry

>tfw even 12,000 years later, Jung get her promise
Gunbuster and Diebuster were unironically pure and unfiltered SOVL. They have a genuine heart to the stories that you can't find in any other anime.


Real man cry, and they are not afraid of it

>Browsing Any Forums
The way you waste your time.. .it makes me CRY!!!

For sure, I feel like the older I get the more I cry actually, could be menopause. Even basic stuff gets me. I was watching Princess Mononoke awhile back and just the shot of Ashitaka riding past the mountains after he leaves the village and the climax of the theme is enough to make me emotional. I think the music does it for me a lot of the time for things like that.

>implying that Japanese is a lost language that far in the future because they wrote it in katakana and accidentally reversed the last letter
>they still put in the effort to welcome back their heroes even after all those years and never forgot
Ugh... Anno... I fucking kneel...

Yes, Berserk 2016

Yay, a biological femAnon browses this board!


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I'll cry when my parents die, but not because of some chinese cartoon.

Same. It's a really perfect ending. And then thinking about the studio working to tie it all together again made be cry again.


Maybe like once. Don't remember what I was watching but probably

I somehow doubt that you are a woman, sorry

Yes because I watch WMT.

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso made me cry like a faggot. I've lost my mom to cancer in 2012, this anime made me remember my mom and the good moments i've spent with her. She taught me how to live, how to seize the day, how to be happy. I fucking love this anime. That final scene is like cutting onions

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A weird moment that made me cry was the ending of episode 12 from Samurai Champloo. It's the recap episode.
It's also the one and only episode that replaces the ending song Shiki no Uta with Who's Theme.
It hit me completely off guard to hear this other song at the end of an episode and additionally at the end of an episode that made you think about past adventures and realize you are at the half way point now.

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Samurai X Reflections.
"...shinta..." Got me good.


Digimon Fucking Tri
Patamon goes feral. Too close to home...

I really don't get why people cried at this,
the drama wasn't even good.

Never watched Diebuster because I inherently dismiss sequels as unnecessary.
Is it actually good? I liked Gunbuster, well, I like everything that wasn't the love triangle.