Why is curly hair so rare in Japanese mediums when it's pure sex?

Why is curly hair so rare in Japanese mediums when it's pure sex?

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Perms are dumb.

Japanese people have straight hair.

Harder to draw

What a dumb reply.
>muh real life
nobody cares

they can't draw it for shit, those blackwashed nigger edits have better drawn curly hair than anything from actual anime

Why is the official art of tanya so hot?

I only need one curly haired qt

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That's wavy, not curly and there's plenty of that stuff in anime.

thats what long curly hair looks like


uhh, no

umm, yes

Takes longer to draw.

I'm sure this has been discusse dup and down in actual Youjo threads, but since I never read/watched it, I never entered them. But I have to know regardless.
Is it gay to fuck Tanya?

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Lmao curly-lets.

Cause perms are copyrighted by Silver Balls

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Psychologically speaking, it's gay for her to have sex with a man but she's 100% woman so fucking her is 100% straight. Never really got the confusion.

You should also watch it. It's comedy gold.

you should have added Yukari in your pic, even if it isn't the same VA.
and to answer your question, curly hair is way harder to draw than straight hair, so most ""artists"" don't bother, it's usually a sign of inexperience or laziness.

no it's not.
to explain things a bit, "Being X" (A.K.A. God) gave her (or forced her to use it) a cursed artifact and each time she uses it she receives mental corruption.
so the mental corruption combined with Tanya's habit to "act" like a female in front of others is starting to turn him into a her (and also the watcher/reader may not pay attention but the original male MC has been in this body/world for over 13 years old so it would be weird if he didn't change.
not to mention Tanya is entering into puberty as a female
also Tanya has a functionning child-ready cunny.

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Watch or read. And manga or novel?

watch anime, read manga.
then read novel if you like reading novels.

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