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We won Faputa bros

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Fap to puta


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who's the right one supposed to be

that was amazing

A good girl

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I don't think she's very happy to see them.


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They haven't fixed the anus eyes yet

Do we get a good view of Vueroeruko's armpits at any point (The flashbacks when she was a loli don't count, that would be pedophilia)?

Kino episode, my favourite of the season so far.

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>you will never stroke the catmoth

They’ve finally made the manga justice

Anime Fapu isn't as intense as Manga Fapu sosu.

>no cloaca
7/10 episode, utter garbage

Not as intense, but still as good. There was absolutely no way they could have replicated that panel perfectly in anime format. They did a great job with it.

I love my wife Nanachi!

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Nanati's time is over, this is a Faputa board now.

Shit i just made a snack to eat watching but the subs aren't out yet. How many 5 minutes until they're out?

20 bings

So was Regu's seiyuu justified in hyping up the music?

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Cloaca in season 3 (配信予定2028年)


Yes, OST was god tier

4 more 5 minutes until they are up sosu

Yeah, the flow into the ED was the peak.

The VA definitely managed to deliver what the manga was going for

I'll be listening to that last song for the next year or so, so yes.

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yes it was excellent.

Can you do one of Faputa chewing on Reg's cheek?

What was Embelitz thinking at that moment

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Now edit some milk stains and pokie nipples onto her shirt and it'll be perfect.

>she says she doesn't forgive us, that's so fucking hot

i can only color, not edit

Is today the day?

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>Imagine if she stepped on me with all 6 limbs at once

I fucking love this hairy man like you wouldn't believe

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Truly the Embodiment of V̶a̶l̶u̶e̶ Budget

I'll do it myself tonight then. Good job on the coloring though, that's my favorite Prushka picture.

Post the scene where Faputa appears

do you have artist twt handle?

they made the haku symbol nice and sparkling clear.

How the fuck was he scared of living up to S1 after making this stuff? Add that to the fact there's definitely something special for the 1 hour ep.

The guy making webms usually does it off the official release, the only thing we have now is a rip of the stream which isn't that good, in like 20 min webms will start popping up

I'll see if I can find it with the original lineart, give me a minute.

>very angry moth flying at incredibly fast speed

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I'd still wager most AOs will miss it, there's manga readers who didn't get it unless specifically told what it meant

Will the moth remain crippled for the rest of the manga?

Honestly it’s so much easy not to catch. Been a manga reader and I never caught that tukl last week when someone pointed it out.

S1 was his breakout as an artist. Of course he's nervous about being able to live up to that, his career depends on it.

user I…

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Still a better fate.

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Well, between sauceNAO, yandex and google I did not find any hits. I don't really know what else to try.

its fiine. its ok. ty anyway

While it's unfeasible for the anime to have such a level of detail with all the layers of flesh ripped off, I wish they keep the goopy eye