Dragon Ball Super/GT

GT was just ahead of its time

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I had a dream when I was a kid that I was GT Goku and went Super Saiyan when I saw Pan getting attacked by these small shadow gremlin monster things.
I could feel my hair going up and it turning yellow. I miss the weird dreams I had as a kid, but at least I still have my love for DRAGON BALL, DRAGON BALL Z, DRAGON BALL GT, and DRAGON BALL SUPER.

Kek, this spic is still trying to leech off CHADper.

>GT was just ahead of its time

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The Pan avatarbitch is the worst poster here

Dragon Ball

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Pan? A shitty filler character no one cares about.
CHADku Jr? The FUTURE of this franchise.

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i remember back when i was young saying GT was better even though i didn't really watch Z that much. i think i triggered a lot of kids back then.

But he is the descendant of Pan. She got old and died.

>Dad!! I didn't heared videls moan last night!

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Why are these “Super/GT” threads always just GT threads?

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No Blanco
No powerups
No potential
Just pure jobber
It's beautiful

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What is your FAVOURITE non-canon episode/chapter in the franchise? Except for GT.

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Is anyone gonna tell him?

I must confess. I enjoy cuck porn and self insert as the woman or cuck.

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Worse, he did not even went SS2
Fans assume GT Gohan is Potential + SS but was never stated in the series

I think people just like a chance to discuss GT

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>What is your FAVOURITE non-canon episode/chapter in the franchise?
Thus was nice.

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5 frames and a shaky cam does not make for good animation.

Based true scholar.

Hatchiyack OVA was cool.

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Gohan being as weak as he is in GT makes no sense, and is just a result of them wanting the Goku show with no other characters being relevant.

He was rusty but at least he didn't get a random powerup despite it all

The chapter where Freeza shows up and kills Gas and Elec.

>Pan? A shitty filler character no one cares about.
>no one cares about.

>CHADku Jr? The FUTURE of this franchise.
In the far future maybe.

>The Pan avatarbitch is the worst poster here
Which one?

>She got old and died.

>I think people just like a chance to discuss GT
Of course.

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Otherworld tournament

>Gohan being as weak as he is in GT makes no sense
Why not? No train no gain

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>didn't heared

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Better than Super Hero

Say whatever you want about Super, but at least the people who like it do so in a genuine manner, instead of GTfags who just pretend to like their series in a vain attempt at having the high ground despite being aware of the fact that it was only made to cash in on the franchise (to the point where Toriyama barely even gave a shit about it, compared to Super to this day). It was basically the Heroes of its time.

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It’s never stated Gohan doesn’t train in GT. Even then, training is unnecessary for a character who can become stronger than everybody else through pure rage with his infinite potential.

What about the remake

Otherworld tourney and the one where Uncle Motong and Monkey Boy save a school bus full of children after breaking various driving laws.

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Not episodes or chapters. You stupid fucks. Why do I even bother trying to start discussion when these are the people I deal with? Idiots...

Underwhelming and the soundtrack is a huge downgrade.

Guides states Gohan never stopped training, Trunks and Goten also trained despite Trunks saying he needed to train more but that's Trunks not being sure about himself when overpowered
If Goten statement is to be followed Teen Baby was more dangerous than Super Buu and SS Baby Goten forced Gohan to go SS
Base Goku can easily beat SS Gohan
Baby Vegeta can overpower SS3 Goku
GT is a wacky power scale

I'm glad GT made him pathetic then. The rage abuse is the worst thing you can do.

>be Toriyama
>be a multimillionaire icon
>still choose comfort over style with fashion
A man of culture.

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Imagine saying this coward bitch is your hero.

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Grand taco was milking a dead cow after the Buu arc.

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PUSSYku is such a bitch.

Dragon Ball Super sucks. You'd think that once Goku reached Super Saiyan God form he'd be unstoppable but that was definitely not the case. Goku and Vegeta were literally trained by Whis and the God of Destruction but Vegeta only took him 4 fucking months to reach Goku's power level. Now we move to the Universe 6 battles and the Tournament of Power and somehow, contestants in that battle can fight Goku and Vegeta in God form at equal strength, if not more powerful than both of them. And the crazy thing about it all is Krillin at one point during this story arc Krillin was able to give SSJ God Goku some trouble when they both went into a power fight with both of their Kamehameha's.. And I'm like.. WHY IS THIS POWER LEVEL SO FUCKING JANKY AND INCONSISTENT??? Now that Super Broly movie comes out which retcons everything somehow they made Broly MORE STRONGER than Goku and Vegeta in their God form which is just crazy to me.. Because Broly does NOT HAVE GOD ENERGY!!! There's no fucking reason Broly was able to defeat the both of them so easily. What's the point of these cool transformations when literal who fighters can outlevel them and fight them? Why even call them God forms and compare that strength to Lord Beerus. The power transformations is just getting so confusing. Goku barely won against Jiren even after reaching Ultra Instinct.. A TRANSFORMATION POWER THAT EVEN GODS CAN'T EVEN ACHIEVE!!!!!! SOMEHOW SOME LITERAL WHO CHARACTER NAMED JIREN WAS ABLE TO FIGHT ULTRA INSTINCT GOKU!!!!

At this point I honestly think Dragon Ball GT was just way more consistent and delivered all the good Dragon Ball moments in that show more than Super and I'm just really disappointed with Dragon Ball Super. End of rant.

Episode of Bardock.
>B-But it's not an actual-
Episode of Bardock.

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>I’m glad GT is a complete mess and inferior compared to what came before and after, all because I hate a fictional character

It is an episode. It's in the name. It gets not only a pass, but a big fat stamp of approval from me.

Absolute garbage who ever thought treating the cast like that was a good idea?

How many people in these threads bashing GT only saw the eng dub? Because that's unfair. Unlike Z, GT is absolutely neutered by the dub not using the proper music, the quality drop is gargantuan and turns it into a cartoon for kids like it happened to the Digimon or yugioh dubs.
GT has the best atmosphere out of any db property, but only with the real music. It was made with that in mind, literally since they're not adapting a manga, the scenes were created from scratch considering the matching soundtrack

That's the opposite of culture.
SWINEiyama wouldn't know culture if it killed him like his wife's cancer.

Goku fanboys. I’m glad GT flopped everywhere outside of Japan. It’s a perfect example of a franchise becoming corporate and misunderstanding what makes the series good in the first place.


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Wait, people actually like GT outside of videogame stuff?

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I'm glad it doesn't give random powerups. It's not RECOLORSper.

>It’s a perfect example of a franchise becoming corporate and misunderstanding what makes the series good in the first place.
That applies to Super too.