Gundam witch from mercury prologue in 2 hours

gundam witch from mercury prologue in 2 hours

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Everyone here already watched the blibli rip with english fansub.

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>dyke mom
>black dad
>girl MC
I drooped this shit in the first 5 minutes, woke gundam is shit. RIP

On standby

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It's shit quality.

>watching the chinese censored version
Couldn't be me.

I waited for a proper source, and I'm probably not the only one considering how shit the first rip was.

Picked up.

is she is a witch where is her hat?

She turned me into a newt!

Up inside your ass

really good episode. Also I think main villain is right

also, finally some 2d mecha after so much time

Starting out with bits/funnels and lasers and beam shields makes this 10x better than IBO already

Ia this chainsaw man killer? It gonna airing in august too right?

It was in the prologue

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It is less woke than Turn a Gundam.
>MC is a POC troonie

>>Human to machine link like in IBO
>>psycommu like disruptor
>>funnels and beam weapons
I like the start of it

>>lets add an authoritarian like group
Good good

So the main character is going to infiltrate the school of her enemies and kill all their best pilots?

fin funneru?

>spaceniggers starting shit again
I swear what is up with people who are born in space and being complete assholes?

did you see the poll they took on the TV?
biggest issues to earthn*id voters are more gibs, mo money fo them programs and shit, meanwhile the refined spacenoid is concerned with free enterprise and military matters