Shadows House

New chapter today.

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raws out?

Let me guess
>John and Shaun tries to fight Gilbert and Gil but Kate and Emilyko breaks them up
>Gilbert joins the gang
>Discipline team is disbanded and given consequences

In about two and a half hours they will be

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She looks so fluffy and huggable... Just like a real doll

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Will Shirley ever become big again?

Maybe. There's still a lot of things we don't know about shadows in general. Like what happens to a shadow when you kill its face/host?

Maybe she'll unify with Ram but not destroy her? Like a good Goauld.

>people still think that unification is easy process with 100% of success that can happen when shadow feels like doing it.

Shit House


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No chapter this week then?

Translatorfags are being slow getting the raws out

her head is kind of big but other than that blonde loli is adorable...

Dump start

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Dump end, motherfucker went full berserk

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>strips in front of all these people
Fucking degenerate