What is it about 15 year old girls?

What is it about 15 year old girls?

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What's the going rate for them?

There are 15 of them

Are you fucking stupid? There are only 3.

I was trying to play the old joke "What's the best thing about having sex with twenty eight year olds? - That there are twenty of them". But it doesn't really work here.

Ain't the one on the right the guy from Date a Live?

It's prime

Sexual peak.

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god i love Rikka.

what do you call a girl like this?

Teen pregnancy


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What causes a girl like Rikka to form?

Being physically active and genetics
Also daddy cum

Just young enough to be technically forbidden, just old enough to not be completely taboo.

You can also ask the Tekken director.

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they look like they please adult men for monetary compensation

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I didnt watch/read her series; but girl on the right doesnt give off "built for compensated dating with rich old men" vibes as hard as the other two do

How lucky do you consider yourself?

cunny/hag >>> adolescents >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> women in their 20s

I got it user

marriage with Rin!

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