Reminder that Krillin beat Vegeta

Reminder that Krillin beat Vegeta.

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i don't remember this

Vegeta figures out the saiyan exploit for xp farming and tells Krillin to injure him so he can get healed by Dende and earn a free level up. Turns out he would've had to do it a few more times to beat Frieza.

it's when vegeta lets his guard down and forces krillin to (almost) kill him so he can get the zenkai boost

If Vegeta beat Goku, and Krillin bat Goku, does that mean
Krillin > Bejita > Goku?

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2-0, even.

Sounds like a plan that could have been easily exploited.

Children can be easily exploited and it's grrrrreeeaaat.

Jail time motherfucker

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nearly got him in the Saiyan Saga too

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if krillin had balls he would've killed him right then and there but instead he figured that vegeta was their only shot against frieza like an absolute brainlet

I don’t understand why they don’t do this all the time. “Muh pride” isn’t an excuse when Bejita, the most prideful character in the series was willing to do it.

Krillin is a tactician on par with adult Gohan. It was the right move to cooperate with Vegeta then.

It's temporary and hurts like hell.

I genuinely think it's true that Vegeta has a 3-0 win record against Goku.

Yes obviously objectively Goku was stronger multiple times in the series, but I don't care about fights as far as proving who's stronger. I only care for them as far as winning or losing regardless of reason.

No one's talking about Goku, Bejitabro. Bejita did lose to Krillin 0-2, however.

Yes I fully agree. He did indeed lose to Krilin 0-2

dragon ball super tried to address this by claiming that there is a limit to zenkai boosts and both goku and vegeta had already used it all but they still get stronger after getting beat up so...

Vegeta Is the only one who has managed to get kicked in the ass even by Yajirobei

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