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It's all over Lapisbros...

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>first Spyce
>then Cue
>and now Lapis
The Yukari Anzai curse strikes again

It's not fair... Yuzuriha...

Oh wait Yuzuriha is out from 9/20 to 10/30
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What a shame, Lapis was one of the best idol anime in recent years. How long did the game last anyway?
Wish it got a second season...

I ignore the existence of gacha and think of it like a standalone anime original. It was a fun show.

Not even a year. It only launched in December 2021 and is already shutting down at the end of October 2022.

It's as fun as the anime for non yurifags

Yuzuriha, harbinger of EoS

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It's a gacha mobage. Nitpicking about yuri is missing the forest for the trees.

Worked out fine for Assault Lily and Jun Maeda's newest masterpiece

>live service gacha
And nothing of value was lost.

The game dying was really a question of when, not if at this point, but it's still sad to see the franchise die. The anime was really fun and the characters were likable. The songs were pretty good too.

Man, this sucks so much. First CUE! died and now Lapis is gone too.

Gacha is the ultimate corporate form of videogames that prioritize money at the expense of everything else no matter how interesting the story or characters are.

Don't spit on our grave...

I will miss it

No fanservice, only 13 episodes of anime project...if they want to rely on a shitty game alone in an oversaturated market, this is what's gonna happen.

But there are plenty of non-fanservicey bishoujo gacha that still last long for years.

>No fanservice
It's one of the rare examples of an idol anime that had pantyshots.

I think it was a magic show not an idol show. I don't consider shows that only tie in performances to sell some merch like UmaMusume, Extreme Hearts or this as idol series. And those shots were hidden pretty hard anyways.

They still had them. The only idol show I can think of within the past few years that had pantyshots is Fruit Tart. Technically there's Gekidol, but the pantyshots were in the OVA(?) and not the main series. Before that, I think you've have to go all the way to WUG to find an idol anime with pantyshots.

Orchestra is actually integral to the combat in the game. Unlike in the anime where soldiers fight on the frontline while they dance in the city, they directly shoot bosses from the stage while performing.

Did it?