Why is he such a good character?

Unlike some many of these edgy faggot mc's, he's actually likeable and somebody I'd genuinely want to befriend

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simping for Haruhi
>good character

One of the many reasons why he IS a good character

Yeah, he's literally me.

>Fucks over Yuki justifiably fixing the world
>"You may have been trapped in 500+ years of the same day because of some retarded bitch, but I want to have fun"

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Yuki was the one who gave him the choice, he wasn't fucking anything over.

Also, the time loop was arguably yuki's fault. She's the one who chose to just sit there and let it happen, because of her "I'm just observing" bs. It's not justifiable to steal haruhi's power.

It was absolutely justifiable, Haruhi was an unstable bitch who has put the universe in peril multiple times because of her stupid, moody bullshit. Taking that away is the best option, you don't have to worry about being wiped out of existence because some cunt got bored one day

And yet yuki's decision was on an independent gain of emotions. The alien organization (forgot their name) literally did not care, and they probably know more about the risk of the situation than us.

He hits women and I don’t vibe with that

He should have hit that bitch more

Now I'm a haruhichad, but that was pretty justified + he lost control understandably

That makes it worse. So Yuki gains emotions, sees the universal danger in front of her that has fucked her and the universe over multiple times, fixes it, and Kyon steps in and fucks it all up because "muh retarded gf"

Yuki gaining emotions makes her a lot more biased in the situation. She made an independent decision from that, that bias didn't make her more informed about the universe danger. The fact that the data entity thing didn't make that decision before means that it wasn't a genuine risk.

What do you mean not informed? She had first row seats to the danger Haruhi presents, she was trapped for almost 600 years in the same day because of her. Yuki's move was completely in the right

While it is true that she has front row seats, she's literally made to spy on haruhi. I doubt that the date entity was any less informed.

But those 600 years don't really help her ascertain haruhi's danger to the universe, they just made her mad and biased.

You can argue that yuki's vengeance against haruhi was justified, but you can't claim that it was for the safety of the universe.

I can based on the fact that there wasn't a clear or present danger in the new world. That fact alone proves it was the right call, no one is in any danger of being blinked out of existence, having the universe itself rewritten, or trapped for almost 600 years there. The motivations behind it could be seen as biased, but it was a justifiable response and it resulted in a better outcome for everyone. Kyon was a faggot and wanted his "fun" autistic gf back

The issue with that logic is that it simply isn't true. If yuki existed outside of the time loop, so did the data entity. My logic here is that you can't argue that what yuki did was best for the universe, because it is undeniable that the data entity has equal information and higher intelligence to solve the problem. If it didn't decide to steal haruhi's powers, then that isn't a justified course of action.

Is he? Does he even have a personality beyond "tired of Haruhi's bullshit" and "wants to fuck Mikuru"?

How isn't it true? If the new world was on the brink of collapse or something, that'd be one thing, but it wasn't. Everything was fine because the threat of Haruhi was neutralized. If we go by that Yuki spin off, it's just an ordinary world for the most part in comparison to Haruhi almost resetting the universe a bunch of times, the change is for the better

Writers used to give a shit about characters at some point especially mcs.

absolutely a stupid argument from me, but I'm relying on the fact that the data entity didn't take action to prove that the action yuki took couldn't have been the best course for the sake of the universe (perhaps it was risky, perhaps less research to get auto evolution can be done if it isn't from haruhi). You can also argue that it was best for the characters involved to be in the disappearance world, but yuki gave that decision to kyon and he made it.

It's not only Kyon that stands out, the whole series is really solid when it comes to plot and characters. That being said, the self-insert MC back then was more towards the funny asshole type (especially in galge/eroge) which is over nine thousand times more entertaining than the modern bland and passive "literally me" type. Sugita was also the perfect choice, the narration never get tiring because his acting is so good.

Araragi is great for similar reasons; as a character he's the opposite of bland self-inserts and Kamiya is equally great at bringing the character to life through acting.

Try actually watching the series.

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Yeah, I'm watching monogatari right now and it's interesting. I'd say araragi is very different from kyon though, even if they're good for similar reasons.