What's Any Forums's take on realistic bodies in anime and manga?

What's Any Forums's take on realistic bodies in anime and manga?

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I just like well-drawn bodies with proper proportioning.


>why can't they make all anime with land whales like me
because I watch anime to get away from reality

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Who are you quoting?


I like it it adds variety

He's paraphrasing you, you dumb fat bitch

Last I checked, "paraphrasing" didn't mean "making shit up", must be some zoomer jargon I'm not familiar with

waist is too long

Why are you coping?

Why are you moping?

>feminazi and trigged in same sentence
an hero tourist

Fuck off newfag.

why is feminazi even derogatory, I thought nazis were based

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Is there any esoteric reason the author's mouthpiece on this picture is a fatass

No there is not, that's just the movie that the meme is from.

should've picked the movie without f*t people

He dies if that makes you feel better.

Imagine tickling her armpits while her belly jiggles.

I was walking past a lingerie shop today and on the flickering pixels of the LCD display this rather buxom figure appeared and i thought—wow. There was just something about the slightly fatty figure that just SCREAMED fertility, how the love-handles bowed elegantly against the straining strap of the garterbelt in godly skindentation. I gotta say, it really set off my rocker. In that instant, I could finally empathize with the paleolithic cavemen who worshiped venus statues. And based on that experience, i want to see more realistic bodies in anime and manga.

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Her belly isn't the only thing that's gonna jiggle.