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I'm actually glad that Netflix does batch releases. I have always preferred binge watching a series and being able to go at my own pace rather then having to wait a week for a single episode.

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the vast majority of anime came out before I was born and I never had cable as a kid, just video rental stores, so binge watching is second nature to me

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yet you cry because no jojo fridays.

I think OP is an okay guy and probably not a disappointment to his parents.

might shock you to learn this but that's always an option

But then you cannot watch it together with Any Forums. What's the point?

I don't care about other peoples opinions really. 90% of the takes I read on here are pretty much worthless. I don't remember the last time reading any sort of insightful or in depth writing its mostly just shit posting memes and circle jerking.

Why go to Any Forums for anything like that? This place is trash, in a fun way.

hypothetically I wouldn't disagree but I've personally never seen a batch released netflix anime that wasn't far too cheap and boring to binge watch.
I have high hopes for edgerunners though, the budget on that looks way above average

I didn't sage btw

What you are saying is kinda stupid you know? Because you don't have to follow an anime weekly if you don't want to. You can go at your own pace regardless. What people dislike more is that it kills the hype.

>SHITflix shill
We know it's you.

And yet you decided to post this statement.

Why is his gland touching the screen and folding? that's a really wierd way to break the 4th wall.

>I don't remember the last time reading any sort of insightful or in depth writing
You dont watch the right shows. Of course youre not going to get anything meaningful from threads for garbage like Dr Stone.

What's stopping you from waiting until the show is done to binge watch it?
Netflix is robbing us of the choice

oh no I dont hear the worst opinions imagineable while being spoiled every major plot point what a bummer
and thats the good outcome
majority of threads consist of shipping and waifu posting
hard pass

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endless eight would be watchable if you were there watching one episode every week
binging it? no way