One Piece

How do we fix Chopper?

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By killing him.

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Yo, Cross Guild. Aren't you forgetting someone?

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Nothing is wrong with Chopper. He's a doctor and has done doctor things.

I hated this dude on narutoforums.

He never cured the smiles

But he did reverse the two viruses Queen created and saved a shitload of minks on Zou. Curing the SMILEs seems like something that would take knowledge related to MADs/Vegapunk/

11 or 13 Strawhats?

Based janny kek. Fuck Yamato.

9 Commanders?
9 Scabbards

Crew? Full

Uta is the final nakama.

wtf happened to the last thread ?


>yammatrainne thread deleted
fucking based

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Yamato threads are dead.

Janny had an aneurysm

11 the two ships make the 13.

just like her

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>Blackbeard has 10 commander so luffy also must have them
>because they gonna fight
If you think we gonna get 10 1vs1 against BB you guys are deluded and need to fucking read the manga

Actual discussion. Jannies so used to seeing nakamafag shitposting and recycled memes they automatically pulled the trigger during the 5 minutes it stopped.

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He's dead

When was even the last time all of SH got equal 1 vs 1 fights, fucking Enies lobby?
I swear people living unironically 15+ year in the past

I fucking miss him.

Never, not even Alabasta. Usopp and Robin fought no one in Enies Lobby.

Revert him to how he was in thriller bark

Smoker and Tashigi will join.

I think about Kaido, the Beast Pirates and the memes they spawned every single day.

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So this whole fucking retarded shit is just a retarded fanfic with no basis to prop up nakama faggotry
got i hate this fandom


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Can't believe Vivi will be the final nakama.

There being at least one more Nakama is backed by Oda's interviews. Read 2014 and 2018.

We love Ulti

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Oda doesn't give a fuck anymore about One Piece. Don't trust the shit he said in the past.

Not fair to the other honoraries. You lost once you don't make the cut.

user, their basis for the 10 crewmates shit is Chapter 1 and Blackbeard's crew.

>Oda saying there will be 1 more nakama since 8 years now?
>Epic, credible, warants faggotery for 10 years

>Oda saying he wants to finish this in 3 years 3 months ago?

finally i truely see


I trust 2014 especially how he keeps introducing new characters to keep it going.

Because they gave him the fucking antidote, fatass

atleast learn to read a reply chain before responding newfag


He's a mascot* with doctor being his only label.


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>One piece ends in a cluster fuck of hackness in 2025
>Final Nakama joins final chapter


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Isn't Luffy counted as 0?
How can Vivi be the last if she has always been one?
we all know that the troon lost, no need to be subtle about it

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It'll be Luffy and Koby vs Blackbeard Pirates

He does just fine as a doctor. Being upstaged by the likes of characters with bullshit abilities like Law's and Marco's doesn't take away from what Chopper has done, no matter how much you try to meme it.

Luffy vs Blackbeard
Zoro vs Shiryu
Nami vs Laffitte
Usopp vs Van Augur
Sanji vs 10th Captain
Chopper vs Doc Q
Robin vs Catarina Devon
Franky vs Sanjuan Wolf
Brook vs Vasco Shot
Jinbe vs Jesus Burgess
Carrot or Vivi vs Avalo Pizarro


>Not my problem

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Nakamafags are the biggest schizos since this manga existence, they litterarly read this and think its logical

Tama vs Stronger


Who are the bigger schizos, shipfags or nakamafags?

>want to end it in 3 years
>less than 100 chapters
>add more and more bs like Cross Guild, SSG, Sword, Celestial knight, Xebec, Im,...

Wtf Oda ?

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Ulti and Page1 are joining

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Sanji vs Zoro spics

I'd love to make love to Utli

>4pm in Jarkarta
>no subhumans spamming we can go higher
BROOOOS WHAT WHAAAAAT WHAT IS THIS???! I thought we were the next dbs general