You get to erase/retcon/confirm one ship in anime history. Which ship do you choose...

You get to erase/retcon/confirm one ship in anime history. Which ship do you choose. I erase every trace of Deku x Bakugo from existence and burn all its supporters to death

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I don’t like my hero but I’d confirm those two just to piss you off

I erase lum/ataru and with it, the entire violent tsundere archetype.

>just to piss you off
What a waste. Don't you have a personality beyond that, user? Don't answer that.
It's a shame because I don't think they're that bad, but
>the entire violent tsundere archetype
this saves me from the ship I'd destroy. Assuming it applies to male ones too.

Full confirmation for Nanoha and Fate I guess.
Don't know if it really needs it at this point though.

Erase IchiRukia and NaruSaku for their shipper's sanity sake.

Can I keep madoka as is in the anime but get rid of the delusional people who think Madoka returns Homuras feelings

Confirm: Haruhi/Kyon just for closure after all these years.

I erase EreMika so Erenfags can finally be quiet.



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Oh man, this is hard. I'd definitely want to confirm, and I'd want it to be gay in one of those series with a rabid fujo fanbase that annoys the hell out of the rest of the fans. I feel like they deserve to have one win, you know? I'm going to use the power of friendship to make 's wish even stronger. Full on sex scene.

Eren x Armin

I'd want to confirm DkBk just to see normies seethe and have a full on hyper autistic sperg attack about IzuOcha, Kacchako tears would be neat too

I would confirm every faggot ship possible to see you kill yourself

By doing so not only do I wipe one of the shitiest pairings in anime history. I also kill the worst next generation garbage sequel that comes after it.
You literally only win here.

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USS Mississippi

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The only erenfags in 2022 are EMchads

I retcon your erasing

These two.
Personally I prefered Medhi, but I feel bad for incestfags. This is like the only anime that specifically catered to them. They deserve this win.

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Erase Eren Mikasa, easy.

Boruto isn't even bad. Cease your seething.

With the destruction of this ending, all would become right.

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You cannot stop this. Nothing can.

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