Hunter x Hunter

Look at this dood

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Horrible, throw him in the incinerator.

I would do such terrible things to that boy

sheesh he lookin fresh af frfr ong

You can tell this was by the anime staff and not Togashi since he usually has a pretty good sense of style when it comes to fashion

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>overly focused on staying on-model and failing at it
Why the fuck do publishers want anime staff to draw this type of drivel

I think most of the 99 promo art just tries to ape late 90s/early 00s fashion. idk what's going on in OP though

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>he usually has a pretty good sense of style when it comes to fashion

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I don't see anything wrong with his outift, the high-waisted shorts and cropped jacket combo is a little gay but he makes it work

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OP is also riffing off of high fashion. HxH and YYH protags in fashionable 90's wear is a great vibe.

1999 is a soft yaoi/ shonen ai series.

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Do you realise it's Togashi who decided that he wears that fugly green color?

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I want to marry Shizuku!

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Would hxh go the "chosen one" route.

She's hot


Gon is Ging's son and Kurapika is the sole survivor of a clan with magical eyes. Then obviously there's Killua, but he's not a proper lead.

If you mean fated prophecies regarding all their power, no, that won't happen. Maybe something to do with the Freecss having a 300+ year tradition of powerful Hunters, but I doubt it.

Did you read the Yorknew arc at all?

Most likely, ging was too confident about gon healing as if he knew it was predestined, and he's already part of special bloodline.

Yeah, i remember that he was called a one in a million prodigy or something.