One Piece


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Who is this?

Deviantart tier oc who’s the daughter of a yonko, identifies as a man and people spent a year or so saying she’d be the next nakama

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Luffy never even said Yamato's name correctly, lol

joinmato? more like joinmaton't

just one more week until carrotpests get eternally BTFO, just as i foresaw it happening to yamatrannies

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>Jack makes it to Elbaf
>proceeds to job in his first fight
>before he is taken out he starts to awaken
> blows everyone away with his Big Cannon

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Someone should asked Oda why he wasted time with this last minute character for no payoff

This is a dog.

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Anons, I'm having trouble deciding between Hancock and Perona as my waifu

Perona if you have taste
Handcock if you wanna be a cuck

he did when he left her behind with a vague promise of letting her travel with him some day when he was saying Kinemon and Momo are welcome to travel with them again any time

He did in 1057



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>a fucking towel

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Smell the rabbit.
Love the rabbit.
Worship the rabbit.

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If speed is power why does Luffy bother with Bounce Man and not just use Snake Man everytime?


A swordsman?
Got any proof?

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Probably a character he wanted to introduce halfway through Wano when conceptionally the arc was a lot longer than it was, but then the scheduling got changed, or Oda got bored of Wano and wanted to wrap it up, so he shoved her in half-baked and her character just sort of existed without any real payoff. Yamato honestly feels like a character designed in a boardroom.

>I love you
>And all you guys

Bounce Man is for enemies that aren't extremely agile. Both Doffy and Kaido sorta just stood there and let Luffy hit them. Snake Man was for situations like Katakuri where an enemy can actually keep up with Luffy's speed.

Where the byakkofags at?

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>he quotes rex
>when that guy impregnated all the three main girls

Because Wano was a set up. And a let down. Looks like Oda is having Yamato give Luffy the Jinbe treatment, where they don't join up until after their business is concluded, thus keeping her strength off the table until the rest of the crew are scaled appropriately. So for an island or two we won't see her, then she will probably show up to help even out the odds in a big battle right before it starts.

My guess is since both Yamato and Pluton are in Wano, and since Caribu most likely notified Blackbeard where it is, that Blackbeard is going to roll up, use his quake powers to tear down the boarders, and this will force Momo to call out to Luffy for help. At which point Yamato will have finished her tour and take up Luffy on his offer. Just in time to bolster the ranks for the start of the final war.

At least that is what it looks like Oda has set up. We'll see if anything happens the way it seems it will.

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whatever happened to all those "joinmato chads"?

It doesn't retroactively alter the initial reaction to that scene
Nor make it any less of a copout to please everyone

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Nami has CoC haki, they're not even in the manga anymore

they went back to backing Carrot, as they're nakamafags... they don't care who joins, they just want to be right

>104 panels (almost as much as Babanuki)
>the only feat in Wano was losing to Perospero
Carrot was completly irrelevant in Wano, if she was to join the crew, they would invite her right after WCI

usually character that is to join the crew is one of the main characters in the arc, like Baratie and Sanji, like W7+EL and Franky, like Drum Island and Chopper, like Thriller Bark and Brook etc. everyone knows this idea
but Carrot? she was just a side character that went uninvited to the ship and sailed for one Arc with part of Straw Hats. but then during Wano she was put aside by Oda to make place for other more important characters like for example O-Tama (400 panels) or Yamato (479 panels)

but panel time is not the thing that shows how irrelevant she was, it is that most of her appearences in Wano was just standing somewhere in the background not doing anything or saying anything....
saying that Carrot would join after Wano is simply a delusion and mental illness
accept the reality. there will be no coming out of crate in next chapter. you lost and Oda simply decided that Carrot had her adventure and it's time for her to go back

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Not even worth a (You)

Wano is essentially the Water 7/Enies Lobby of nu Piece

>went back to backing Carrot
Don't you mean Vivi? Safest as fuck nakama pick for a guaranteed win.

Just jack off to Robin like a normal person. It's easy.

in terms of structure? sure i'll accept that
in quality? fuck no get the fuck outta here