Forget about which one being the best cause everyone has different tastes. But which one has the most cultural impact to the industry?

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Kill yourself, narutard.

Bleach by far


What has Bleach even influenced?

JJK, KnY, even Murata using Bleach as reference.

Definitely Naruto, followed closely by Bleach. One Piece has little to none cultural impact despite being the most popular of the three in Japan.

OK retard(s)

I'm sorry that even at its peak One Piss didn't manage to leave cultural impact.

Samurais and real life settings are more popular in industry nowadays than ninjas and pirates in fantasy setting, so i guess Bleach

Somehow weirdly enough Bleach

Based Kubo, inventing samurai and real life is no small feat

Also Black clover literally copypasted the arrancar style

as expected of the master

Bleach followed by Naruto. One Piece is incredibly bizarre in that it had almost 0 cultural impact even though it's the best selling manga of all time

Dragon Ball

Even Kishimoto admits One Piece is too hard to copy for other mangaka so they don't bother. Probably Bleach has the most in terms of style

Naruto is just Harry Potter (Fantasy) plus that Dragon Ball's movie.
if you add to any SAO inspired anime the whole plot about trees and beasts, you'll get Naruto. Naruto's identity is very diluted


It goes like this.
People who like reading manga like One Piece.
People who create manga like Bleach.
Naruto appeals to pretty much everyone who isn't a jaded faggot.
Since Bleach has inspired more actual creators it's cultural impact I feel is more prominent. JJK, Gotouge, Tabata(all respected Jump artists) have all cited it as a heavy inspiration and as an artist it isn't really hard to see why. Even someone who hates Bleach can usually attest to the character designs being a high-point and Kubo when he actually tries is a great artist. Has anyone cited Naruto as a major influence for their work? I think Horikoshi might've but that is not helping Naruto's case at all.

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Before the OP fans start bitching it's like this user says But unlike that user I don't think it has 0 cultural impact. It just hasn't ended yet and for us to see the cultural impact reflected in other manga at least it needs to end before we see that ripple effect begin to happen. There's a lot of doomposting about when OP ends Jump will be finished but it'll probably literally start a new era of manga. Oda will become the Gol D. Roger of the manga world.
tl;dr ask this again in 6 years

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FPBP but I’ll answer this seriously because it’s an interesting question. It’s Bleach and it isn’t even close. Someone with more time than me could probably draw a genealogy tree with Dragonball as the primogenitor of modern shonen manga (Yes you could start with devilman or seiya or fotns or whatever but its easier to visualize how things branch out from db).