Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano datta

Isana's show and her feet deserve better.

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She stole the show so hard desu

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Why is the show flopping anyway? Isn't Japan a sucker for romcom LN adaptations? Even Tomozaki was more popular than this there.

>Akatsuki: Heh?
>Kogure: Heh?
>(Drum beats, guitar riffs)
>Akatsuki: W-w-wait, what are you doing!?
>Kogure: N-no, why didn’t you lock the door!?
>Akatsuki: You should have knocked!
>Kogure: Who normally would? I practically live alone!
>Akatsuki: Like that gives you any right!…or rather……hu-hurry up and close the door.
>Kogure: S-sorry
>(Other girls walk by)
>Yume: There should be some in the fridge
>Isana: Okay~~~!
>Kogure: This is bad! That Higashira’s here while we’re chatting! (closes door…with the two of them inside)
>Akatsuki: …Hey…………why did you come in?
>Kogure: …I don’t know either.
>Akatsuki: Are you an idiot, you perv…(Kogure covers her mouth) mggghhhh!!
>Kogure: (Quiet! Higashira’s coming over!)
>Isana: (walking over) Juice~! Juice~!
>Akatsuki: (Cat breathing) (Did she just go to the living room? You can leave now, right?)
>Kogure: (No, that boobzilla hasn’t closed the door yet. I’ll wait for her to return to the room.)
>Akatsuki: (Uuu~ this is terrible…! Uuhuuu…!?)
>Kogure: (What? Why are you shivering?)
>Akatsuki: (Grr…uuggh…isn’t it your fault!? I was only halfway done!)
>Kogure: (Huh!?)
>Akatsuki: (I can’t hold it anymore…close your eyes!)
>Kogure: (No…are you s-seriously…?)
>Akatsuki: (I-I’ll cover…your…ears!)
>Kogure: (Is she really doing this…right now….!?)
>She did it.

>Akatsuki: (Haaaaaaaaaa…ah, what do I do now? I need paper)
>Kogure: (Hey…can I open my eyes now?)
>Akatsuki: (Of course not! I’m not done clean…!)
>Isana: (walking over) Ah, let’s go to the toilet in the meantime.
>Kogure Akatsuki: Haaaaa!?
>Akatsuki: Did Higashira-san forget I was in here?!?!
>Kogure: That idiot’s…really an idiot!!!
>Akatsuki: Hey…did you lock the door!?!?
>Kogure: Ah, crap!
>Akatsuki: Lock it! Lock it!
>Isana: (turns door knob)…Huh? I can’t open it.
>Akatsuki: H-Higashira-san~! Sorry, I’m using it!
>Isana: Ah okay. Sorry about that Minami-san, I forgot.
>Akatsuki: It’s fine it’s fine! I’ll be out in a while. Please return to the room for now!
>Isana: Understood~ (leaves)
>Kogure Akatsuki: Haaaaa!!?
>Kogure: That was close!
>Akatsuki: Y-you’re really an idiot! It’s Yume-chan’s house! Don’t do this at anyone else’s place! Ahhh, seriously, you, you’re…
>Kogure: That’s a no go at our own place too.
>Akatsuki: Of course! I’ll kill you if there’s a next time! I’m serious!
>Kogure: You don’t have to be so angry. Didn’t we go pee together when we were younger? In a corner of the park?
>Akatsuki: How long ago was that, you idiot!? Scram!!!
>Kogure: Woargh!!…(stumbles)…dammit, you don’t have to shove me out…well, better scram before her mood worsens. Hm? Speaking of which, didn’t I come here to use the toilet too?
>(Flushes, Akatsuki leaves the toilet)
>Akatsuki: What are you doing?
>Kogure: Queuing up.
>Akatsuki: Wait, did you awaken to some weird fetish!?
>Kogure: Sorry, I really can’t hold it anymore!
>Akatsuki: Hey! You alright!? Don’t install a voice recorder in the toilet!
>Kogure: You’re the only one who doesn’t have the right to call me that, you criminal scum!!! (Slams door)

Why does no one care about Akatsuki?

She's the worst girl by far. Isana and Yume are much better

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She's insane, plus embarrassing tits compare to the other two.

How is she insane?

Yume is better, I agree, but not Isana. Isana is overrated.

This. I'm only watching this shit for Isana

Are they really ending at volume 3? Seems abrupt unless they plan to make a second season. How are the LN sales anyway?

Her tits size isn't embarassing looking though and I like some variety within the show, I just particularly give a shit more about a character who is super kindhearted, caring and genuinely respects and understands how I feel.

It's a shame the show isn't more popular, the character designs are probably among the best of the season. They're also really cute.

I watch it, exclusively because Yume wears tights.

I like the show, it's nice. But the author really fucked up with the title. It sounds like lowest common denominator trash people only watch/read for ecchi

Ironically the show barely even has any ecchi except for a few bathing and boobs scenes. They even censored a pantyshot that was mentioned in the LN.

Yume a best
Isana a shit
Akatsuki a Kogure's semen toilet
Sex with Kurenai
Simple as

Seems like that. Blame akatsukishit

Too bad they won't adapt Volume 5's drama CD. If they included that at least Akatsuki's stuff would be worthwhile.

Toilet-kun, onegai

Still Akatsuki and Kogure's best interaction

imagine getting mogged this hard by a side character

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Feet Gabu
Legs Gabu

yeah, so it has the double whammy of people not wanting to watch trash skipping it, and people wanting to watch trash getting upset it's too tame

I don't understand why they went this direction when Higehiro was even lewder than this and that one was mostly faithful apart from cutting Kanda from the anime.