Has watching Japanese animation for years improved your Japanese language skills?

Has watching Japanese animation for years improved your Japanese language skills?

I have been watching Japanese animation for many years and I found that my Japanese listening improved. I can understand a large number of common phrases. I can almost understand what the anime characters are saying by just listening without watching the subtitles.
Of course I didn't really learn Japanese, and I still can't write Japanese characters. But I can almost understand through pronunciation.

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No, you can't

Listening is one of the key components of ajatt, as explained in tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/introduction-to-learning-japanese.html#how-to-immerse
So of course it works.

Having watched anime and SFX for 10 years helped me when I actually started learning. But the sooner you learn the better.

A bit

Not really, since your perception is mostly carried around the voice acting and audiovisuals so context is enough.
What DID improve my Japanese is extensively listening to a LOT of Japanese music by Daoko, Reol and Audio Drama CDs from youtube.
I learned the basics from textbooks and the rest was just listening to a LOT of audio content.
And I deciphere some RAW yuri hentai doujinshis and the Pokemon Festival of Champions manga RAWs with a dictionary on this website on pixiv, I also read this story on what I assume is Japanese fanfiction net (I was looking for Pokemon fanficiton in Japanese but somehow I found only this and it's not about Pokemon)
Anime is too fast to chew Japanese down. I did watch Mahou Enjeru Sweet Mint in JP on youtube though

I can generally pronounce most romaji stuff

Moshi moshi, arigato, Op wa faggu

I'd say so.

you will never be japanese

P.S. of course when you listen to songs, you occasionally, more like 99% of the time have to google for lyrics 歌詞as they call them to see what kanjis they actually pronounce

Just as one would never be Latin even if you learn Latin, or Chinese of you learn Chinese, etc. People don't magically change their nationalities just because they learn a new language

>Has watching Japanese animation for years improved your Japanese language skills?
when im watching anime im focusing on the plot and visuals, so all the language goes in one ear and out the other with no recollection, recognition, or comprehension
i have to sit down and focus to learn japanese


Learning hiragana and katakana and reading along in translation threads helped me a lot to recognize common phrases and kanji. And that has helped me with watching anime and recognizing the same phrases when spoken.
No I've never taken any formal classes. I'm much too poor for that

You don't even know English.

sure i do, since i grew up with the language
i am well beyond the point of absorbing a new language through osmosis, i'm not a kid anymore
as an adult, i have to study if i want to learn it

Anime and VNs are where 95% of my current language skills come from. Obviously with no English outside of my yomichan J-E dictionary.
Immersion works

My listening is probably at intermediate level, and I find it's good for review and vocabulary building. When it's complex it just washes over me though. Sometimes I watch favourite scenes over and over till I've got all the vocabulary and grammar. I would watch kid's anime (with Japanese subtitles) if I really wanted to make it a pure learning tool, but I prefer adult content, so...

Maybe you need to actually take some classes if you don't see what's wrong with how you write.

IMO the internet has probably replaced the need for formal language classes. Since covid, Japanese courses in my city have all gone online anyway. Why would I pay for that?

I mean, Japanese people all know Chinese to some extent via the kanji exposure. They literally use the same writing symbols. Does that make Japan Chinese? Is Japan coping that they'll never be Chinese?
This whole argument is ridiculous. Linguistics and ethinicity don't overlap

nta but caring about punctuation on Any Forums is pretty cringe and fedora-tippy and you'll never be japanese

would you prefer that i write in proper english? With actual punctuation and capitalization? Because I can do that. However, Any Forums is not an academic forum necessitating proper and strict prose when conversing through written dialogue.
so i can and will choose to use it selectively, such is the freedom of a leisurely chat such as this

I like the language. And I like anime and manga. I really like the food. I don't actually want to be a Jap though. The horror!

Depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are seeking the skills to actually communicate with Japanese people in real life, maybe try watching a japanese live action drama to test your listening skills or understanding skills because anime tend to exaggerated a bit on how an actual Japanese person speaks.
I have a weeb friend who thinks he knows how to speak in japanese after years of anime but was saddened after a trip to Tokyo because he can't actually understand what they are saying(neither could they understand him). Real Japanese people speaks a lot different than cartoon characters.
But if you are just seeking a better experience when reading and watching anime then yeah, watching anime can certainly improve your understanding of ANIME and MANGA only stuffs.

>i am well beyond the point of absorbing a new language through osmosis

Kids don't just "learn through osmosis" they have 1 or 2 people who are practically full-time trying to drill the language into them (plus extended family part time). People severely underestimate the amount of effort it takes to make kids functional speakers before they can go and start "just trying shit out"