Whats her role in pt 2

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don't know but she will lose to cock

Whats with the bleeding needle tracks?

> Denji's future wife

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my name is not denji though

probably copied from a photo

I've been away from these threads for a month, have they improved?

We know, school principal, please forgive that self-insert spammer whorelover

Angel and Akiangel = Any Forums and Based
Himeno and Akimeno = Reddit and shit

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Asa/Yorubros, how are we supposed to survive without our girls for a whole month?

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my future wife is not a whore

Did Fujimoto drew the cake looking like cum on purpose?

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What killed the hype?

>no replies
Time to start talking to yourself to not feel lonely in this world asaposter

Denji cockwhore arc

I was gonna reply to him but I forgot so I'll just post this instead.

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>the thumbnail of this chapter is Denji eating cum
Yep. They know what they are doing.

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atrocious photoshop skills

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Powerfags should be asylum tier too

this but unironically

They escaped and pretend that she will come back, but the console war fags are other level

Yukofags should be in "they exist"

powerfags are mcmurphy tier


Power moved up and it's perfect

There are no genuine yukofags, they only exist as a banner to shitpost under, so I think the placement is warranted.

>doesn't give a fuck about Makima anymore
>will kill Blood Devil if it attacks him
holy fucking based

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>forgot Aki
Not based

What about aki

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I genuinely like Yuko. She's cute

his new name will be Hayakawa Denji something
just saying that Makimafags and Powerfags have been fighting each other nothing


*over nothing