Ruri Dragon Anime Soon

Ruri Dragon trademark registered

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anime for a manga of only 6 chapters?

How many chapters was from japan?

What about Doron?

>b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but muh chapter count!

Probably a trademark for the first volume release or something.

Which official perfecture government tourist ad hire ruri? Only tourist ad manga get anime this fast...

>we can totally get anime adaptation with close to no source material
it's ok to be retarded, just don't flaunt it so much

there have been anime announced with manga that had less than 20 chapters

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They wanna kill the author?

What's the chance that they just scrap the manga and let the author to continue the story as anime original?


Ruribros we are back! The next big thing is only getting better with all the ideas that came in the hiatus

Chapters isn't really a good measurement of length. You can have a bimonthly or quarterly series with a hundred pages per chapter.
A series getting animated within five months of the initial release probably means that it was always meant to be a mixed media project.

I'm pretty it's just standar for all jump manga since they are owned by shueisha

the first episode gets delayed because of an earthquake then the staff gets corona'd then the director gets fired in the middle of production

242041689, you are so retarded that you do not even deserve a (You). However, yes, it is pretty much downright impossible for almost any manga, especially a WSJ title of all things, to get an anime with that few chapters.
>inb4 Jimoto ga Japan

Or you know, it's for something else
there's hype towards the series but no studio is going to take a risk on something that was already starting to show problems in the first few chapters it does have


If Ruri was intended to be a mixed media project surely it wouldn't get stalled by one guy falling sick

It's the other way around, the guy is going to die and Shueisha will turn it into battle shounen

>anime before its seventh chapter
Not even in Time Paradox Ghostwriter is such a thing possible. White Knight at least had a full volume out when it got greenlit.

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