She is actually kinda cute

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Bros, why do we love Overlord so? Is it because the show/anime/LN is essentially our collective power fantasy of fantasy world domination with the endearment of "Fuck it, I'll fake it until I make it with my RPG knowledge"?

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Is it weird to want to fuck Mare?

Because it's funny when it's funny and when it's serious it's a good watch

Not at all.

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Ma'am, I'm going to ask you to step 3 feet back away from Mare if you wish to stay in the great tomb.

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needs more edits

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Needs to be different LNs

Imagine having he as your wife.

She sounds really hot. I thought her voice would be shrill but imagine her whispering into your ear with those silky vocals

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I think what bothers me most about Ainz in the LNs is how terrible he is as coming up with excuses. He can stall for time but he's helpless until someone Sasugas for him.

Huh, there's a recall on magic goblin summon horns. Something about....rapes? Ah I'm sure it's fine. Hey, Albedo! There's a sale coming to the slave market this weekend!

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> A normal human manages to fuck Albedo

sasuga Philips-sama

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Phillip, the only thing you fucked besides your life is your country's future

They should've strapped Phillip to a chair and watched everything unfold while repeating that it's his fault.

>implying Philip is dead
>implying Philip won't team up with Eclair to take over Nazarick while Ainz is distracted

I don't get why ramposa keikaku didnt work

After the king's live being rejected everyone would see Ainz as a undesirable and the Teocrasy political power would skyrocket in no time

>shots shit
Gay. I prefer femboy. Gimme more Mare

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Every other country signed off on Ainz's declaration of war so they won't care if he rejects the king's proposal

Every neighboring state except the Theocracy and Kingdom are reliant on Ainz for stability militarily and economically.
Also Ramposa is a shit king who won't budge on matters of pride even to save his nation