Houseki no Kuni

So is it gay or not to be attracted to these things?

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Yes, liking rocks is gay

Yes. It doesn't matter if you're male or female, it's gay to like rocks.

caring that much is gay

I don't care about petty labels, i like beautiful things.

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Youre gay for reading manga aimed at little girls

>literally ever "rock" there is wearing femenine clothes and is basically "draw a girl call it genderless "rock"

You do you i'm sure on how I feel about them, at least with Phos I can understand why people call you gay but the rest? lol

>published in a seinen magazine

noice one

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Sorry but if you even have to ask, then yes it's gay.

So true. Seinen magazines only carry mature stuff for grownups, like... Love Live! School Idol Diary. Yeah.

You have proved his point

Ah you've opened my eyes, now I understand why Miura considered Berserk a shojo...

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Are you a geologist?

Being a geologist is gay.

>Padpa not exuding 10in cock energy


This is actually a very easy question to answer with a tiny bit of logic:

1. DEFINITIONS: To be "gay" is to be attracted to those of the same sex or gender. "Sex" is defined by the biological composition of an organism (producing male or female gametes). "Gender" is defined by the social expression of an individual in a society that divides social roles into "male" and "female" categories.

2. Inanimate objects do not have gametes. Ergo, they do not produce the same gametes that you do, and thus is it not "gay" to be attracted to minerals based on the sex criterion.

3. The society depicted in Houseki no Kuni lacks any concept of gender roles whatsoever. The gender criterion stipulates that one must be attracted to the SAME gender in order to be considered "gay"; ergo, liking genderless gems is also not gay by this criterion.

CONCLUSION: No, you are not gay for wanting to fuck rocks, and neither am I. QED

ADDENDUM: If, and only if, you define "gay" as "being attracted to ANY entity not of the opposite sex and of the opposite gender in a 2-gender society" would wanting to splooge all over Rutile's smooth stockinged form be considered such. But that definition would force "gay" to cover "all non-heterosexual attraction," which is far broader a definition than the word actually has.

In short: it's not gay, but it's not "straight" either.

if you imagine them with a cock and you still want to fuck it then it's gay
otherwise straight

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I would do unspeakable things to Aleki

disregard sexual attraction
embrace aesthetic attraction
think about the rock
imagine refraction through a moving, writhing Amethyst hip joint
imagine then grinding this gem into a brilliant cut as it squeaks in protest
cause pouts in such deep blue mediterranean empires would crumble before it

No, lithosexuality is a different orientation.