Draw a girl

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
this shit is gay and it needs to stop

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The small dick makes it cuter.

The real problem isn't so much that it's gay as it is that it's just pandering to coomers. These characters rarely add anything of value to a story.



Kill yourself, election tourist.

A fetish like any other. Drawings aren't reality.

Fuck traps

>small dick

Never 4get

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holy shit


Not if they fuck you first.

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traps with a fat yet useless cock makes them hotter

My favorite trap doujins are the rare ones where they dick the daylights out of the girls they're dressed as. It's a bit of a shame most trapfags are too far gone to be able to appreciate it though.

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Okay. I'm going to go have a session with astolfo now

This comic had a continuation?

Just dropped almost 12 hours ago.

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You do it coomer

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There's nothing wrong with using the current vernacular.
Clinging to a time that's gone forever doesn't make you better than other people. It just makes you look pathetic.

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where's the first part? i found the artist on a booru but didnt see it

Check their twitter, first 8 pages are in the same thread there as the new four.

I hope for you this is trap on trap.

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Traps are fine I just hate it when the deranged alphabet nazis try to appropriate them.

>A fetish like any other. Drawings aren't reality.

No real people are involved. However, there are people who want to create laws agaist thought crimes. These people would make the criminal profiling circumstances in the movie Minority Report into reality if they could. In other words, simply being profiled as someone that could commit a crime would cause you to be banned from various jobs, locations, or licenses. Sort of like the Sybyl System from the anime Psycho-Pass.

Thought crimes and their prevention are a key part of the famous book 1984 by Orwell.

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Uh Minority Report was about an actual psychic who could tell you WERE going to absolutely do the crime. It wasn't about profiling it was about determinism vs fatalism or whatever.

Is it?? is it geh?

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a-are they going to fuck?