What are your thoughts on characters with glasses in isekai?

What are your thoughts on characters with glasses in isekai?

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I can't even remember a single one.
I'm sure they're around but they're apparently supremely forgettable.

Oh wait i remembered one, that word magic food autist

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>not remembering DATABASE

Yeah no i've completely forgotten about that series.
Did they end up finishing it?

>chapter 4: November 2021
>chapter 5: December 2021
>chapter 6.1: January 2022
>chapter 6.2: June 2022
>next chapter: lol who knows
that's fucked

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>finishing isekai series

will never happen

I mean in whatever the source material is.
Because you dont have to look only at the adaptations to be cynical about these things ever ending.

which do you prefer?

>blond hero
-weak without OPMC that he believes is weak
-tends to defect to demons when butthurt (which is always)

>isekai otome heroine
-dumb but ends up getting the reverse harem 50% of the time
-not much ambition besides getting reverse harem gangbang
-hates villainess because why the fuck not

>glasses otherworld
-actually pretty competent
-tends to also have OP isekai cheats
-ends up overestimating his intelligence and competence anyway falling into traps and other shenanigans
-heroine wants the actual MC's dick (because he's kind) not his

>small tits? Did you say small tits?
>what good is there having big breasts?
>it's additional weight you know.
>Don't you feel like apologizing now?
>Do you not feel sorry for what you said?
small or big oppai in isekai?

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>childhood friends
>no romance between them
>respect and support each other in hard times
>support each other's romantic endeavors
>best friends to the end
Name a better CF duo.

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I swear if it turns out to be something like "I was reincarnated in another world and my boyfriend is a dragon" i'm gonna lose it.

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Big. Evertime. Especially if they're also on a big knight/warrior lady.

I want to marry a noble catgirl. Whether it's a catgirl of noble nature or an aristocat.

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I've forgotten because shiroe is just a cuck who needs to be beaten up and executed after his girl friends gets raped in front of him